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Bankruptcy and Your Career: Boon or Bust?

Posted by Craig Black | Feb 12, 2024 | 0 Comments

Facing financial hardship can feel overwhelming, and the prospect of bankruptcy might raise concerns about the impact it could have on your long-term employment prospects. Specifically, you might be wondering: “Will it ruin my career?”

The truth is, the impact of bankruptcy on your career path is not as clear-cut as you might think. While it can raise eyebrows in certain fields, it can also hold surprising benefits. Let's unpack the myths and realities:

Myth #1: Bankruptcy is a scarlet letter for employers.

Reality: Federal law protects employees and job applicants from discrimination based on bankruptcy. While some employers might hesitate in specific industries (such as finance and jobs requiring security clearances), your skills and experience ultimately hold more weight.

Myth #2: Bankruptcy will show up on every background check.

Reality: Depending on the type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13) and the employer's screening practices, it might appear. However, focusing on your skills and accomplishments during the interview can effectively shift the focus.

Potential Benefits

Additionally, there are several potential career benefits to filing for bankruptcy that you may not have considered. 

·        Removing the stress of overwhelming debt frees you to dedicate more energy to your career.

·        If you make your payments consistently, filing for Chapter 13 can actually boost your credit score in the long run, opening doors that might be closed for you right now.

Federal Protections

If you're already employed, filing for bankruptcy should not impact your current job at all. In addition, federal laws protect employees and job applicants from discrimination based on bankruptcy.

We Can Help

Bankruptcy is a legal tool for financial recovery, not a career death sentence. Ultimately, the impact of bankruptcy on your career prospects will vary depending on how you handle the situation, the industry you're in, and the perspectives of potential employers.

While bankruptcy may initially present some employment challenges, it's possible to recover and even thrive professionally with determination, honesty, and strategic planning. We can advise you on how to minimize the impact of bankruptcy on your specific career, and we can ensure you follow all legal requirements.

Don't let financial worry hinder your career trajectory. Call The Craig Black Law Firm at (678) 888-1778 or contact us online today for a confidential consultation to explore your options.

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