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Stressed Over Debt Collectors? Wage Garnishment? Repossession? Foreclosure?

Facing serious debt problems?

Losing sleep over possible legal action against you?

Wondering if you need the bankruptcy services from a qualified attorney?

While the law allows you to file for bankruptcy without an attorney, it's often not the wisest decision.

For instance, because of the serious financial consequences of going into bankruptcy, not everyone who has trouble paying back their debts should declare it. Whether you should file for bankruptcy will depend on your specific financial situation. Also, should declaring bankruptcy be the best financial decision for you, there are special rules and procedures you need to follow to file for bankruptcy properly.

Because there are many things to consider when thinking about declaring bankruptcy, it's strongly recommended you hire a qualified bankruptcy attorney, such as Craig Black, who can guide you through this difficult and complex financial process.

Chapter 13

Find protection from bill collectors and combine most of your bills into one affordable monthly payment.

Chapter 7

A more comprehensive bankruptcy plan, Chapter 7 wipes away most debts, giving you the best chance for a clean start.


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The sad truth is that once the debt spiral starts the likelihood of recovering from it is very low.

We've seen the mental and physical stress can have on our clients, and we know how difficult it can be.

You shouldn't have to go on like this.

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